Think you are a leader?

 "Wanting to be a great leader is nice, and you should work towards that. But who determines if you ARE a great leader?  That decision is not yours. It resides with those you wish to lead."

Meet Barry.


Barry is an entrepreneur to the bone. He owned his first software company at the age of 21 and learned to wear many hats from head of sales to marking to technology. Plus, he’s been a CEO four times as well. The one constant in his varied career that he discovered was that he loved to run teams and organizations (and was actually good at it). Ultimately, his real passion is helping others grow as leaders.  He’s still doing that today. From large companies like HP and Ernst & Young, to small startups, Barry been able to help people make real, ‘rubber hits the road’ kind of changes that make a positive difference in the organization and in the lives of leaders.

He detests fluff, but injects fun into the speaking, training and consulting that he does. While he loves instilling new ideas, he’s all about changing processes and human behaviors to make real, positive impact. 

In just one example, Barry was instrumental in doubling the issue resolve rate of a Fortune 50’s worldwide support team while dramatically increasing customer satisfaction.  Plus, he has helped countless people in management positions grow beyond their existing skillsets to become effective leaders.

Barry has an amazing wife and five incredible children each of which is married to an incredible spouse.  That’s a lot to be thankful for, to be sure.  The grandchildren count is growing as well.  Barry will tell you that if he knew how great it would be to have grandkids, he might have had them first!  He also loves cars, cooking, golf, writing and woodworking, but none of them are comparable to his love of family.